C-Section Scars & Stretch Marks​

Testimonial by an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

"I first heard of the effects of the medical use of light therapy more than ten years ago, probably sometime in the middle of 2001. I basically started using BIOPTRON immediately in my outpatient work, as well as at Neratovice hospital, where I worked as a secondary doctor on the obstetrics and gynaecology ward until 2009.


I use BIOPTRON with very good results, both to prevent stretchmarks for pregnant women and to treat post-operative scars, e.g. after a cut to the perineum, a Caesarean section, etc., as well as for breast-feeding mothers. The individual effects of BIOPTRON cannot really be separated from each other in practice, because they supplement each other and have a synergy effect. To put it very simply, we can say that when using phototherapy as prevention against stretchmarks the stimulation effect, which is preferred, is of the greatest use.


If phototherapy is indicated in post-operative care, then all effects are obviously utilised—stimulation, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. BIOPTRON helps primarily with chronic inflammation, such as chronic candida albicans or yeast infections, in cases where the mucous membrane is weakened and has a tendency to get inflamed. In this case the stimulation effect of polarised light can have a very positive effect and is indicated as a supplementary treatment. When an inflammation itches, stings or hurts a woman, the analgesic effect is useful.


Treatment using BIOPTRON takes place for chronic inflammations over several weeks, usually three to four of them. I have very positive opinion on treating keloid scars using light therapy, because with keloid scars when using a BIOPTRON lamp and suitable ointments we achieve a marked improvement. If treatment is done conscientiously, the keloid weakens (i.e. it loses volume) and loses colour. In this way we achieve a marked aesthetic improvement in the appearance of a keloid scar, which will be appreciated, in particular, by women in the summer, when reddened, wide scars above the skin’s surface attract undesirable attention from other people, for example at the swimming pool.


The aim of the treatment is therefore wholly aesthetic—to reduce the volume and degree of the reddening of the scar. The same rule applies here as well: the sooner you start, the better the results are. A keloid scar can obviously be surgically removed, but it is necessary to realise that when it is operated on a new scar comes into being, and if we do not treat this new scar, and if the treatment of the new scar is neglected, it can again become a keloid scar. when treating scars one aspect is the aesthetic side, i.e. the resulting form of the scar, but medical aspects also play a role here, specifically facilitating and accelerating the course of healing.


Light therapy significantly helps, in particular, patients who do not heal well, e.g. obese women, where it contributes to easier healing, in particular as prevention of inflammatory complications. It is again necessary to emphasise that from the practical viewpoint that it is important to start healing any scar—not only following a Caesarean section or perineum cut—as soon as possible, ideally right after the procedure. If I am to be more specific and describe the healing process in more detail, then our assumptions are that the primary scar will come into being within a week of the procedure and heal into its final form within approximately a month.


And we need the healing process to take place until the fourth week the way we want it, meaning without complications, and to speed up and support the healing processes as much as possible. And the medicinal effects of a BIOPTRON lamp are a significant help in this. Overall we can say that if a scar starts to heal with the help of light therapy immediately after birth, it is then better-looking, i.e. thinner and paler, thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects of polarised light. I would recommend treatment using BIOPTRON for everybody that needs it. Light therapy is great, in particular, to prevent stretchmarks or when treating all types of scars in general or cracked nipples.


My experience of light therapy, going back more than ten years, is very positive. The treatment helps mothers in both medical terms, i.e. it accelerates the healing of their organism, and also helps them psychologically—the women have the feeling that they are doing something for themselves and their health—and last but not least it is also a very good treatment from the economic viewpoint, because it is affordable basically to everybody and saves money otherwise paid from health insurance” MUDR. MILOSLAV PTÁČEK, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist


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