Two Weeks! Foot fungus​

87-yo female: Daphanie states she has had this foot condition for over 8 years. Since coming to The Brilin Clinic (New Zealand) 4-months or so ago for back pain and after 5 years pain medication she is now drug-free. “feels really well, lost craving sugar. I feel like I have hope again. Can bend again which was not possible before with such bad back pain and not as tired”…Her foot got worse during the Covid lock-down so she purchased her own Bioptron and results were impressive within 2 weeks. More work is needed but she popped in today excited to show me her foot! ​

Prostate Reduced!​

I have suffered from an enlarged prostate for 4 years. After using the Bioptron System for just 3 weeks, the problem has disappeared. I used it for ten minutes, twice daily. Previously I had to go on lengthy courses of anti-biotics which later did not help at all. Thanks Bioptron and Gary for this wonderful product. Friends of mine have also benefited from treatments JOHANN KIRSTEN, 2019, JOHANNESBURG​


Even though I am a radiologist and I passed a laser therapy exam, I have never learned at school about BIOPTRON light therapy. After several applications, I was amazed to find out that this Swiss miracle was able to wonderfully cure the chronic cold of my son. When he was asleep, I always pointed the light beam onto his nasal root for 2-3 minutes and the result was immediate. To this day, when he is asleep and feels the light, he automatically turns so that the BIOPTRON light reach him as much as possible. BIOPTRON worked well on my son’s chronic cold, cough, tonsils, herpes cold sores (both small and large), canker sores, pain relief from gingivitis and ear infection (swollen ears after swimming in a pool), scratches, different purulent matters, hives all over his back. My son’s really big medical problem was his enlarged adenoids and tonsils. In the spring of 2011, the doctors told us that my son would have to have his adenoids and tonsils removed within six months. However, my son got herpes on the surgery day and therefore the surgery had to be postponed for three months. The doctor prescribed him a medication to boost his immune system. In addition, we applied BIOPTRON to his adenoids and tonsils every day for 12 weeks. After the treatment, we went for a checkup. The attending doctor had to consult another doctor because he could not believe that it was the same child and the same adenoids and tonsils. In the end, my son did not have to have any surgery because his adenoids and tonsils were completely healed. I know for sure that it was not only thanks to the prescribed medication but mainly thanks to BIOPTRON because my son had already used the prescribed medication to boost his immunity system before, but without BIOPTRON, and his adenoids and tonsils did not improve very much back then. BIOPTRON also works wonderfully on herpes. When you apply it, you can immediately see the herpes disappear. I use BIOPTRPN on small starting herpes for no more than five minutes and on big oozing herpes for ten minutes. I regularly use the BIOPTRON Pro 1 light therapy device on e.g. my sore cervical spine (I have dislocation of the first cervical vertebra), for stomach and abdominal pain, on sore knees, veins, tendons, bronchi (when I apply the light therapy device to my chest, I really feel a huge relief), the neck (I often suffer from nasopharyngitis), for colds and on old fractures (I have a total of 15 fractures on both arms and when the weather changes, these old fractures hurt). From my own experience, I can also confirm that light therapy is wonderful for mental relaxation, relief, anti-stress and helps with anxiety and fear attacks. BIOPTRON is a small miracle and I would definitely recommend it to everybody, especially to parents with small children and anyone who suffers from chronic pain’. MRS. STANISLAVA BÁRTOVÁ, RADIOLOGIST, CRISIS RADIOBIOLOGIST AND TOXICOLOGIST​

Professor Celene – excellent results​

I have had excellent results with Bioptron. I have used it on ACNE patients and together with the right products and light therapy, their skin has improved dramatically. As a result they have purchased the Compact III to use in the comfort of their home. I have used it on patients with PINK EYE, SINUSITIS, TOOTHACHE, HEADACHES, SPRAINED ANKLES, ARTHRITIS, LUPUS, BURN-OUT, etc. Clients have felt so much better after the use of the light that most of them come on a regular basis for treatment and many have purchased the lamp to use at home. I have also used the lamp on dehydrated, neglected skin to improve absorption of skin care products with incredible results. I believe that every household should have a Bioptron. Children love using it and it definitely has accelerated healing. PROF CELENE BERNSTEIN, JOHANNESBURG, 2019​

Doctor’s testimonial. Dr. Leonova​

Several clinics, hospitals and private practitioners throughout the world are using the latest fullerene technology by Bioptron due to its effectiveness and safety.Several clinics, hospitals and private practitioners throughout the world are using the latest fullerene technology by Bioptron due to its effectiveness and safety. One of them is Dr. Leonova, who has been using Bioptron light therapy on her patients for over 24 years. She reported a significant improvement in the treatment of paresis (partial loss or impairment of voluntary movement) of facial nerves, arthritis, arthrosis, abscesses, wounds, ulcers, obliterating endarteritis (inflammation of the inner lining of an artery, resulting in the occlusion of the artery) and angiopathies (disease of the blood vessels) in patients with diabetes.She has observed a faster wound healing with the use of fullerene technology, especially in trophic ulcers, compared to standard Bioptron medical filter.In this clinical case, Dr. Leonova treated a 27-year-old patient with purulent wound on the inner side of the hip after unsuccessful phlebectomy (a minimally invasive procedure that uses a small scalpel or needle to remove varicose veins that lie just beneath the surface of the skin) in the groin. She treated the wound with Bioptron Hyperlight therapy by using the fullerene filter for 20 minutes, 4 times per day, until the wound was healed (after 20 days of treatment).After 15 days of treatment, the healing effect all along the wound was evident. The superficial region of the wound was completely healed. The deepest region of the wound was improved on the borders as well as the edema. The inflammation was decreased. The newly-formed scar had better esthetic appearance, while the regenerated skin was healthy – elasticity was restored and there was no abnormal scarring. The fullerene filter is the latest and most innovative technology by Bioptron. An increasing number of medical professionals testify from their experience to the fantastic, unique results in the treatment of various medical conditions.​

Wound healing of a dressage pony​

Mrs. Lydecken is owner of a pony called Angel. Earlier this year, on 20.01.2020, an accident happened in Angel’s stable and she was found with her leg stuck between the door in her box early in the morning. After freeing her leg, a large, horrific wound was revealed. No one believed she would be able to get well again. Treatment and methodology: The leg was immediately operated and a week later additional proceedings were made at the Viik University Animal Hospital in Finland. At first the leg was put in bandages and kept in them for one week. Then the bandages were changed every three days. After 2 weeks all the bandages were removed. From that time on Mrs. Lydecken started to apply the BIOPTRON hyperlight therapy on the pony’s leg twice a day for 10 minutes during 1 month. Afterwards the treatment time was reduced to once per day for 10 minutes during 3 months period. Up to today, Angel is still treated every three days for 10 minutes. MS. RAIJA LYDECKEN, 2020​

Diabetic foot ulcer - DR. TAYEB​

A 58 years old woman suffered for over five years from poor management of her venous problems. Five years ago, the patient had a piece of skin removed that was pre-cancerous and located on the heel. Unfortunately, after the surgery the site healed poorly. Even a skin transplantation was tried but without success. She came to my clinic with, aside from having this scar on the heel, the following conditions:The large vein in the leg, responsible for the circulation of the blood in the foot, seemed shortened. Also, some parts of the smaller vein in the foot area were leaking. On both lower legs were so-called lymphedema, bottlenecks of the lymph system that led to swelling of the skin. Treatment and methodology:Under my supervision the woman underwent a specific treatment: it consisted of a combination of carboxy, PRP and BIOPTRON Hyperlight treatment. The treatment with BIOPTRON was done for 15 min per day for 6 days per week over a duration of 11 weeks. ResultsThe results after 3 months were amazing: After the BIOPTRON + PRP + carboxy treatment, the lesion is completely closed and healed. The above mentioned conditions (shortage of large vein in leg, leaking of small vein in foot, lymphedema) turned out to be favourably affected as well. Moreover, there was no sign of a vein inflammation, which is most likely due to the anti-inflammatory effect of BIOPTRON Hyperlight Therapy. ConclusionThis case is a remarkable evidence of the powerful effect of BIOPTRON Hyperlight Therapy, as mono or supporting treatment that can help even in cases that had not cured for years. DR. ESSADOK TAYEB​

Knee aches after an intense cycling​

I often suffer from knee aches after an intense cycling training session or race. I was introduced to the BIOPTRON Lamp which relieved my symptoms dramatically after only 8 minutes per knee. I was also suffering from a groin and hamstring injury. I used the lamp for a week on these areas…… it cleared the inflammation and I was injury free after one week! I would recommend the BIOPTRON Lamp for any sports related injury or aches and pains after racing or training session. CYCLIST: JOLIEN VENTER, 2019 BRYANSTON​

Poor sleep, pain & difficult breathing​

32-year old male. Ribs right side. Complained of poor sleeping, pain and difficult breathing. (very into healthy lifestyle). Only 3 x 30 minute treatments to site of injury. Slept better even after one treatment. Much better in 3 days. Good results even with sinus pain. SUE KOZLOWSKI, 32 YEAR OLD HEALTH PHARMACY, 2019 CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL​

Minimize the signs of aging​

I have such great result!I use BIOPTRON Light therapy to minimize the signs of aging. I noticed my fine lines & wrinkles are removed for younger looking skin. I have such great results & use it on daily bases. E. KURER, DENMARK, 2014​

Hair Care, Alopecia, Hair Loss 

DR. Lyudmila Vedeneeva (Endocrinologist)"I've been using the BIOPTRON device for the treatment of such a serious disease like alopecia when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles. In 2013, I developed a special methodology for the treatment of alopecia and I successfully apply this methodology nowadays. The treatment was based on the following properties of BIOPTRON Light Therapy: improving microcirculation, anti-edema and anti-inflammatory effects, revitalizing and a mild stimulating effect on hair growth. Strengthening of the effect is achieved by using of color therapy. The treatment course consists of 10-15 procedures 1 or 2-3 times a week. I want to thank the Zepter Company for the development and creation of BIOPTRON, which allows us to use it in the clinical practice and achieve the best results”.​

C-Section Scars & Stretch Marks​

Testimonial by an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist"I first heard of the effects of the medical use of light therapy more than ten years ago, probably sometime in the middle of 2001. I basically started using BIOPTRON immediately in my outpatient work, as well as at Neratovice hospital, where I worked as a secondary doctor on the obstetrics and gynaecology ward until 2009. I use BIOPTRON with very good results, both to prevent stretchmarks for pregnant women and to treat post-operative scars, e.g. after a cut to the perineum, a Caesarean section, etc., as well as for breast-feeding mothers. The individual effects of BIOPTRON cannot really be separated from each other in practice, because they supplement each other and have a synergy effect. To put it very simply, we can say that when using phototherapy as prevention against stretchmarks the stimulation effect, which is preferred, is of the greatest use. If phototherapy is indicated in post-operative care, then all effects are obviously utilised—stimulation, analgesic and anti-inflammatory. BIOPTRON helps primarily with chronic inflammation, such as chronic candida albicans or yeast infections, in cases where the mucous membrane is weakened and has a tendency to get inflamed. In this case the stimulation effect of polarised light can have a very positive effect and is indicated as a supplementary treatment. When an inflammation itches, stings or hurts a woman, the analgesic effect is useful. Treatment using BIOPTRON takes place for chronic inflammations over several weeks, usually three to four of them. I have very positive opinion on treating keloid scars using light therapy, because with keloid scars when using a BIOPTRON lamp and suitable ointments we achieve a marked improvement. If treatment is done conscientiously, the keloid weakens (i.e. it loses volume) and loses colour. In this way we achieve a marked aesthetic improvement in the appearance of a keloid scar, which will be appreciated, in particular, by women in the summer, when reddened, wide scars above the skin’s surface attract undesirable attention from other people, for example at the swimming pool. The aim of the treatment is therefore wholly aesthetic—to reduce the volume and degree of the reddening of the scar. The same rule applies here as well: the sooner you start, the better the results are. A keloid scar can obviously be surgically removed, but it is necessary to realise that when it is operated on a new scar comes into being, and if we do not treat this new scar, and if the treatment of the new scar is neglected, it can again become a keloid scar. when treating scars one aspect is the aesthetic side, i.e. the resulting form of the scar, but medical aspects also play a role here, specifically facilitating and accelerating the course of healing. Light therapy significantly helps, in particular, patients who do not heal well, e.g. obese women, where it contributes to easier healing, in particular as prevention of inflammatory complications. It is again necessary to emphasise that from the practical viewpoint that it is important to start healing any scar—not only following a Caesarean section or perineum cut—as soon as possible, ideally right after the procedure. If I am to be more specific and describe the healing process in more detail, then our assumptions are that the primary scar will come into being within a week of the procedure and heal into its final form within approximately a month. And we need the healing process to take place until the fourth week the way we want it, meaning without complications, and to speed up and support the healing processes as much as possible. And the medicinal effects of a BIOPTRON lamp are a significant help in this. Overall we can say that if a scar starts to heal with the help of light therapy immediately after birth, it is then better-looking, i.e. thinner and paler, thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects of polarised light. I would recommend treatment using BIOPTRON for everybody that needs it. Light therapy is great, in particular, to prevent stretchmarks or when treating all types of scars in general or cracked nipples. My experience of light therapy, going back more than ten years, is very positive. The treatment helps mothers in both medical terms, i.e. it accelerates the healing of their organism, and also helps them psychologically—the women have the feeling that they are doing something for themselves and their health—and last but not least it is also a very good treatment from the economic viewpoint, because it is affordable basically to everybody and saves money otherwise paid from health insurance” MUDR. MILOSLAV PTÁČEK, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist​



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